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Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychology is the intersection between psychology and the law. In recent years, the field has experienced dramatic growth. Forensic Psychologists play an important role in applying theories and principles of psychology to issues within the criminal justice system. They are often just as well-versed in criminal law as they are in psychology, and are therefore able to speak knowledgeably on both subjects.

We have seen a great increase in attention being paid by the media to criminal and civil court proceedings both domestically and abroad, along with dramatic television programs that feature "ripped from the headline" plots that are viewed by millions. As a result, the general public may be more aware of the types of psycholegal questions that exist, but may not have the kind of specialized knowledge needed to traverse the court system effectively if directly impacted by those issues. Additionally, many attorneys have found it beneficial to contact outside parties to secure impartial recommendations based on psychological evaluations in order to prove their cases in court.


That is where Forensic Psychologists such as Dr. Ray Kim come in. They bring the science of human behavior to the judicial system and help courts make educated decisions. Forensic Psychologists are able to focus on multiple interrelated legal issues and apply their knowledge of psychology in order to answer the questions posed by the courts. Furthermore, Dr. Kim and his associates are skilled in utilizing the field of psychology's most up-to-date assessments to provide recommendations for prosecution or defense teams.


Our practice performs psychological evaluations that are more broadly applied to issues such as sentencing, competency, fitness for duty, malingering, violence risk, and criminal responsibility. Whether you are an attorney or a defendant seeking qualified evaluators to help support your case in court, or wishing to obtain a second opinion on a legal matter already in progress, please consider contacting Ray S. Kim, Ph.D. and Associates for a free consultation.

Forensic Evaluations