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About Dr. Kim


Forensic Psychologist
Ray S. Kim, Ph.D.


Dr. Ray Kim is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and is Board Certified in Forensic Psychology. After earning his doctoral degree in clinical psychology, he received specialized forensic training at Elgin Mental Health Center. Dr. Kim was retained as a full-time forensic psychologist following this postdoctoral training. He worked on a secure psychiatric unit for patients adjudicated Unfit to Stand Trial and Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity.


As a forensic psychologist, Dr. Kim conducted fitness evaluations and individualized treatment planning in an interdisciplinary team, as well as evaluations for involuntary admission and second level reviews of privilege proposals for patients acquitted Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity. Other duties included psychological testing, individual therapy, facilitation of treatment groups, and the development of behavior programs for complex and problematic patients.


Several years later, Dr. Kim was promoted to Forensic Outpatient Director of Chicago Metropolitan Forensic Services. In this role, he manages a forensic program that serves individuals court ordered for evaluation and treatment on an outpatient basis. He also supervises a team of clinical psychologists and social workers who evaluate defendants in correctional facilities across Cook County and the collar counties.


Dr. Kim was one of the first psychologists trained by the Illinois Department of Human Services to evaluate sex offenders for sexual dangerousness under the Sexually Violent Persons Commitment Act. He is also among the first to be certified as a Licensed Sex Offender Evaluator and Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider in Illinois.

Law and Order


Dr. Kim has the education, experience, knowledge, and skill to meet your forensic psychological needs. His credentials include:

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Board Certified Forensic Psychologist


Licensed Sex Offender Evaluator


Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider


Certified Co-Occurring Substance Use and

     Mental Health Disorder Professional

Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy

Fellow of the American College of Forensic
     Examiners Institute

Fellow of the American College of Advanced
     Practice Psychologists

Postdoctorate in Forensic Psychology, Elgin
     Mental Health Center

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Temple University
     (APA accredited)

M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Temple University
     (APA accredited)

B.A. in Psychology, Northwestern University
     (Departmental Honors)

Numerous publications and presentations in
     Clinical Psychology and Forensic 


Court Proceedings
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