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About Us

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Our Mission


Our mission at Ray S. Kim, Ph.D. and Associates, Inc. is to provide a full range of psychological services to the community, as well as the civil and criminal justice system. We specialize in providing civil law evaluations, criminal law evaluations, consultations, and court testimony.

Our staff understands the impact a criminal charge can have on a person's life. Therefore, we are committed to being attentive to our clients' needs, and providing services in the most professional and respectful manner.

About Our Practice


We are experienced in working with the legal system, and sensitive to the nature of court proceedings. Dr. Kim and his associates provide forensic services in the office, hospitals, jail settings, and the courtroom.
You will find that we offer objective, fair, clear, reliable, and in-depth forensic work. We strive to exceed the quality standards in the communities we serve. From the initial stages of the evaluation process to the final trial testimony and cross examination, you will appreciate having our group as part of your team.

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Meet Our Team


Ray S. Kim, Ph.D. and Associates, Inc. is committed to providing quality forensic evaluations, consultation services, and expert testimony.

We are skilled in a variety of specialty areas, and devote our full attention to each and every case.

Our goal is to provide credible, objective, professional, and ethical forensic services to the community, as well as the civil and criminal justice system.

Benefits of Forensic Evaluations


Forensic evaluations have become a valuable resource for both the civil and criminal court system by addressing important psycholegal questions.

If an individual is assessed to be a high risk for future violence, a judge has grounds to order a more restrictive setting compared to someone who is a lower risk for violent recidivism.

By employing accurate risk assessments to inform court decisions, both community safety and the defendant's rights are preserved.

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