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Pre-Employment Screening



The Pre-Employment Screening is a critical tool, particularly beneficial to employers seeking to make informed and responsible hiring decisions. This specialized evaluation is conducted to assess an individual's mental and emotional suitability for a specific job role.



The primary purpose of Pre-Employment Screening is to evaluate an individual's psychological fitness and suitability for a particular job or position within an organization. This evaluation serves as an essential tool for employers in making well-informed hiring decisions, ensuring that candidates not only possess the necessary qualifications but also align with the job's mental and emotional demands.



Risk Mitigation


Pre-Employment Screening is instrumental in mitigating potential risks associated with hiring. By assessing an individual's mental and emotional well-being, employers can identify candidates who may pose risks to workplace safety, colleagues, or the organization's overall stability.


Job Fit Assessment


This evaluation helps employers determine whether a candidate's psychological profile aligns with the demands of the job. It ensures that the individual possesses the mental resilience, emotional stability, and interpersonal skills required for success in the role.


Legal Compliance


In the context of employment, it's crucial to comply with legal standards and regulations. Pre-Employment Screening ensures that hiring practices are in line with legal requirements, promoting fairness and preventing potential discrimination.


Workplace Productivity


Evaluating candidates' psychological suitability contributes to a productive work environment. It helps employers select individuals who are likely to perform well, adapt to the job, and contribute positively to the organization's goals.


Reduction in Turnover


By identifying candidates whose psychological profiles align with the job's requirements, Pre-Employment Screening reduces the likelihood of turnover. This can lead to cost savings for employers in terms of recruitment, training, and onboarding.



Objective Decision-Making


Employers receive objective assessments that are conducted by experienced forensic psychologists. These assessments provide valuable insights that support rational and objective hiring decisions, minimizing biases in the selection process.




Pre-Employment Screening can be tailored to specific job roles and industries. It allows employers to assess the psychological attributes that are most relevant to the positions they are looking to fill.




​Pre-Employment Screening offered by our forensic psychology practice is a powerful tool for employers seeking to make informed and responsible hiring decisions. It ensures that candidates are not only qualified on paper but also psychologically suited for the job, leading to safer, more productive, and legally compliant workplaces.

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