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Mental Health FOID Evaluations

Updated: Feb 3

In a society where the right to bear arms is constitutionally protected, striking the balance between individual freedom and public safety is of paramount importance. The state of Illinois addresses this balance through its Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card system, an identification card mandatory for individuals wishing to possess or purchase firearms and ammunition in the state.

The FOID card certifies that the individual holding it has met all eligibility criteria under state and federal law to own or possess firearms. Requirements range from age restrictions to criminal background checks, as well as mental health evaluations. A mental health evaluation may be conducted to ensure that an applicant does not pose a risk to themselves or others if allowed to own a firearm. We all recognize the tragic consequences when a firearm falls into the wrong hands. These evaluations serve as a gatekeeping mechanism to identify signs of emotional instability, mental illness, or other psychological factors that may impair judgment or promote violent behavior.

The Illinois State Police will deny or revoke a FOID card under various conditions related to mental health and dangerousness, such as if the applicant:

  • Has been admitted to a mental health facility

  • Is intellectually or developmentally disabled

  • Poses a clear and present danger

A FOID evaluation typically involves a thorough assessment by a licensed mental health professional. The process may involve psychological testing, in-depth interviews, and a review of medical and psychiatric records. Various facets of the applicant's psychological health will be reviewed, including but not limited to:

  • Acute or chronic mental illnesses

  • Substance abuse issues

  • Cognitive impairments

  • History of violence or aggression

  • Suicidal or homicidal ideation

Mental Health FOID evaluations in Illinois are a critical safeguard for both individual and public safety. They represent a necessary step in ensuring that the right to bear arms is balanced carefully with the imperative to protect life. Responsible gun ownership isn't just about knowing how to use a firearm, but also about understanding and respecting the immense responsibility that comes with it.

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