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Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) Appeal Evaluation

What is a FOID APPEAL Evaluation?

A FOID Appeal Evaluation is a comprehensive and objective mental health evaluation, usually completed by a forensic psychologist. This specialized psychological assessment is specifically designed to help individuals in Illinois address their FOID card status, including appealing denials or revocations. 

FOID Appeal Evaluations directly address the stringent criteria set forth by the Illinois FOID Card Act.

What is a FOID Card? 


You must have a Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card to possess or purchase firearms or ammunition in the state of Illinois. To acquire this mandatory ID, individuals must meet state and federal eligibility requirements, including age restrictions, criminal background checks, and mental health evaluations.

What are the Reasons a FOID Card Could be Denied or Revoked?


The Illinois State Police can deny or revoke an individual’s FOID card under several conditions related to mental health and perceived dangerousness, including admission to a mental health facility, intellectual or developmental disability, or suspicion that the individual is a clear and present danger to themselves or others. Should your FOID card be denied or revoked, you have the right to appeal this decision. 

Benefits of a FOID Appeal Evaluation


Restoration of Rights


In the United States, the right to bear arms is constitutionally protected by the Second Amendment. However, the Illinois FOID Card Act grants the Illinois State Police the ability to identify persons determined unqualified to purchase or possess firearms or ammunition in the interest of public health, safety, and welfare. 

If you believe that your FOID card has been wrongly denied or revoked, you have the right to appeal this decision. A FOID Appeal Evaluation can aid in this process, safeguarding your rights while promoting responsible firearm ownership within the bounds of the law. 


Comprehensive Assessment


A FOID Appeal Evaluation is more than a basic or generalized mental health consultation. This highly specialized evaluation works at the intersection of psychology and law. It is a thorough assessment that examines: 

  • Your mental health history

  • Your current psychological state

  • The factors that led to the FOID card denial or revocation

To ensure success, this assessment should be completed by a forensic psychologist well-versed in mental health issues, risk assessments, the Illinois FOID Card Act, and the specific criteria required for firearm ownership. 


Objective Mental Health Evaluation


For FOID Appeal Evaluations to be effective, they must be objective. The primary focus is to protect public health, wellness, and safety by helping identify signs of emotional instability, mental illness, or other psychological factors that may impair judgment or promote violent behavior.

Due to their objective nature, FOID Appeal Evaluations can help individuals who have had their FOID cards wrongly denied or revoked appeal this decision by offering an impartial assessment of their mental health in reference to their ability to responsibly own and operate firearms.


Legal Compliance & Representation


A favorable FOID Appeal Evaluation report can be extremely helpful during the appeal process, especially when represented by additional legal counsel. 

In addition to supporting your legal case with medical expertise, undergoing a FOID Appeal Evaluation illustrates an ability and willingness to operate within the legal requirements of state and federal law.



Connecting Individuals to Mental Health Treatment


In addition to helping restore an individual’s right to bear arms, FOID Appeal Evaluations can help connect individuals to mental health treatment and support when needed. Addressing mental health concerns not only aids in the appeals process but also contributes to overall individual and community health and well-being. 

Get a FOID Appeal Evaluation


​Our team of licensed and highly qualified forensic psychologists are ready to help you appeal or reinstate your FOID card. A FOID Appeal Evaluation is the first step in the path toward the responsible exercise of firearm ownership rights, while adhering to federal and state legal requirements. 

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