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Disability Determination



Our forensic psychology practice offers Disability Determination evaluations, a specialized assessment designed to provide crucial support within the Social Security system. These evaluations are conducted to offer insights that can profoundly impact disability claims.



The primary purpose of a Disability Determination evaluation is to assess an individual's mental and emotional well-being within the context of disability claims under the Social Security system. This assessment serves as a critical tool in determining whether an individual qualifies for Social Security disability benefits based on mental health conditions.




Objective Assessment


A Disability Determination evaluation provides an objective and impartial assessment of an individual's mental and emotional state. This objectivity is vital in establishing the credibility of the evaluation within the Social Security system.


Eligibility Verification


In the Social Security system, eligibility for disability benefits is contingent on the severity of an individual's mental health condition and its impact on their ability to work. This evaluation helps verify the eligibility criteria required for disability benefits.


Evidence for Claims


Findings from the evaluation can serve as compelling evidence in disability claims, demonstrating the psychological impact of mental health conditions on an individual's ability to engage in substantial gainful activity (SGA).


Expert Assessment


Our forensic psychologists possess expertise in assessing mental health conditions relevant to Social Security disability claims. Their assessments contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the individual's psychological well-being.


Appeals Support


In cases where disability claims are denied initially, the evaluation findings can be instrumental in supporting appeals, providing a professional and objective assessment to strengthen the individual's case.



Treatment Recommendations


When the evaluation identifies mental health concerns, it can serve as a basis for recommending appropriate mental health treatment or support, ensuring individuals receive the care they need.




Social Security administrators and judges often rely on the credibility of Disability Determination evaluations conducted by experienced forensic psychologists. This credibility is pivotal in decision-making.




​A Disability Determination evaluation offered by our forensic psychologists plays a critical role within the Social Security system. It provides objective assessments of an individual's mental and emotional well-being, offers essential evidence for disability claims, and supports the fair and just determination of eligibility for Social Security disability benefits based on mental health conditions. This evaluation ensures that individuals receive the support they need to navigate the complexities of the Social Security system with professionalism and expertise.

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