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Immigration Evaluation



Our forensic psychologists offer Immigration Evaluations, a specialized assessment designed to provide invaluable support in immigration matters. These evaluations are conducted to offer insights that can have a profound impact on immigration cases. For instance, an immigration evaluation can assist in humanizing an individual in the eyes of the law, ensuring that their mental health and personal experiences are considered in the decision-making process.



The primary purpose of an Immigration Evaluation is to assess the mental and emotional well-being of an individual involved in immigration proceedings. This evaluation serves as a vital tool in immigration matters, offering objective insights into an individual's psychological condition and its relevance to their immigration case.




Objective Assessment


Immigration Evaluations provide an objective and impartial assessment of an individual's mental and emotional state. This objectivity is crucial in establishing the credibility of the evaluation in the eyes of immigration authorities and legal representatives.


Psychological Well-Being


In immigration cases, understanding an individual's psychological well-being is essential. An Immigration Evaluation can uncover any mental health concerns that may impact their ability to navigate the immigration process, make informed decisions, or present their case effectively.


Credibility in Asylum Cases


In asylum cases, demonstrating the psychological impact of trauma or persecution in the home country is often crucial. These evaluations can provide evidence to support asylum claims by documenting the psychological effects of traumatic experiences.


Hardship Waivers


For individuals seeking hardship waivers, an Immigration Evaluation can provide insights into the psychological distress that family members or dependents may face if the individual is denied immigration status. This can strengthen the case for a hardship waiver.


Best Interests of the Child


In cases involving the well-being of children, such as custody disputes or Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) cases, an evaluation can assess the psychological impact on the child and help determine what is in their best interests.



Cultural Competency


Our forensic psychologists are culturally sensitive and aware, ensuring that evaluations consider cultural factors that may impact an individual's psychological well-being and ability to adapt to a new environment.


Expert Testimony


Findings from an Immigration Evaluation can be used as expert testimony in immigration court, providing a professional assessment that supports the individual's case.




​An Immigration Evaluation offered by our forensic psychology practice plays a pivotal role in immigration matters. It provides objective assessments of an individual's mental and emotional well-being, offers evidence to support various immigration claims, and ensures that the psychological aspects of immigration cases are comprehensively addressed. This evaluation serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to navigate the complex immigration process successfully.

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