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Mental Health Assessment



Among the array of forensic psychological services we offer, the Mental Health Assessment stands as a pivotal tool in civil law cases. This evaluation can provide comprehensive insights into an individual's mental and emotional state, shedding light on critical factors relevant to the legal case at hand.



The primary purpose of a Mental Health Assessment in civil law cases is to evaluate an individual's mental and emotional well-being in a legal context. This assessment serves as a vital resource, offering objective and expert insights into the psychological factors that may impact the case, whether it involves personal injury claims, competency evaluations, custody disputes, or other civil matters.




Objective Assessment


A Mental Health Assessment provides an objective and impartial evaluation of an individual's mental and emotional state. This objectivity is essential in establishing the credibility of the evaluation in a legal context.


Evidentiary Support


In civil law cases, the findings from a Mental Health Assessment can serve as valuable evidence. This evidence can be instrumental in establishing the psychological impact of an event, the capacity of an individual to make informed decisions, or the suitability of a parent for custody.


Competency Determination


In cases where an individual's mental capacity is at issue, such as in personal injury claims, the assessment can help determine whether the individual is competent to participate in legal proceedings and make informed decisions regarding their case.


Child Custody Disputes


In custody disputes, the assessment can assess the psychological well-being of parents and the potential impact on the child's best interests. It contributes to informed decisions about custody arrangements.


Psychological Trauma Evaluation


For cases involving trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in personal injury claims, the assessment can provide insights into the psychological effects and the need for treatment and compensation.



Mental Health Treatment Recommendations


When the assessment identifies mental health concerns, it can serve as a basis for recommending appropriate mental health treatment or support, ensuring that individuals receive the care they need.


Expert Testimony


Findings from a Mental Health Assessment can be presented as expert testimony in civil court, providing a professional and objective assessment that supports the legal arguments of the involved parties.




​A Mental Health Assessment offered by our forensic psychology practice is a valuable resource in civil law cases. It provides objective assessment of an individual's mental and emotional well-being, offers evidentiary support, assists in competency determinations, and ensures that the psychological aspects of civil cases are thoroughly addressed. This assessment contributes to the fair and just resolution of civil law matters by bringing a professional understanding of mental health into the legal context.

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